Welcome to FIT TEAM Zurich

My name is Austin Sunday and I’m the Director of the Personal Trainer team here in Zurich.

Why not try our free, no-obligation taster session and discover how we can help you achieve your fitness and training goals. You can contact us via our online contact form or by simply calling us on +41 79 225 10 10. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Unique to the fitness sector, FIT TEAM has its very own Personal Trainer Academy, where all of its personal trainers undertake initial training and continuous professional development courses. This means that all our trainers are constantly learning, improving and developing new skills in order to stay at the cutting edge of industry with the latest training techniques.

We will help you achieve your own personal fitness goal in a professional manner and with lasting results! So why wait? Make the change and book a free, no-obligation initial consultation with a detailed analysis which will tell us where you’re currently at, where you would like to be – and how we can help you get there.

Whatever your goal, whether you want to lose weight, tone your body or prepare for an upcoming competition, our experienced personal trainers use a huge variety of cutting-edge training techniques tailored to your fitness goals and ambitions!

FIT TEAM Zurich’s personal trainers work with you to create a dynamic workout program tailored to your needs and that grows and adapts as you improve and meet your targets.

I look forward to meeting you,
Austin Sunday