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FIT TEAM Zurich personal trainers will work with you to create dynamic workout programs based on your needs that grow and adapt as you move forward. My name is Austin Sunday, and I’m the Director of the Personal Trainer team in Zurich. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body or prepare for an upcoming race or competition, our experienced personal trainers will use a wide variety of cutting-edge training techniques tailored to your fitness goals and ambitions! Book a trial session with us and discover how we can help you achieve your fitness and training goals in a professional manner and with lasting results!

Unique to the fitness sector, FIT TEAM has its own Personal Trainer Academy. There, our personal trainers undertake initial training and continuous professional development courses to stay at the cutting edge of the industry with the latest training techniques.

Personal Training


Weight loss & Bodyshaping

Muscle building & strengthening

Training at your desired location

Individual programs

Personal Training offers a dedicated approach to your fitness needs in the privacy of your own home. You choose where and when you prefer to train. No space is too small for in-home personal training. Our personal trainers will bring the necessary fitness equipment for an effective workout in the comfort of your own home.

Home Training can be the ideal option when you’re struggling with work, family and social commitments, finding it hard to get to the gym and health and fitness is slowly slipping down your list of priorities. Our personal trainers will guide you every step of the way, providing the support and motivation you need to stick to your unique training program – and all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Online Training

Fit Team Online Training

Individual programs

Personal care

Corona resistant

Goal oriented

We live in a world where time is very limited. Some of us might not have enough time to go to the gym or meet with a personal trainer because of our busy schedules. Virtual workouts allow you to follow a workout session at your comfort and time.

Our philosophy is to provide training at the highest level possible on- and offline. Although 1-on-1 personal training is hardly replaceable, online training allows you to carry out your training in a familiar environment while maintaining social distance. Online training has proven to be very practical and valuable, especially in times of the Corona pandemic.

Small-Group Training

Fit Team

Highly motivational

Multi-level training

Groups of up to 5 people

Get your friends, family or workmates involved and join FIT TEAM Zurich’s small group training program.

Small-Group Training is a fantastic way for people to benefit from the quality of service and individual attention you receive with personal training at a lower cost. Groups of up to 5 people will love the increased motivation of our fun training sessions, whether it’s at your place of work, outdoors or at the home of one of your group members.

And if you can’t get your friends off that couch, we may still be able to accommodate you in an existing group. For visible and effective training results, we recommend that you commit to 2-3 sessions a week.

Outdoor Training

Fit Team Outdoor Training

Limitless training possibilities

Weight reduction

performance increase

Fresh air

Leave the daily stress behind and stay motivated with our ultra-effective training program outdoors. We will kick-start you to a healthier lifestyle at a location of your choice.

We think outside the box and harness the tools provided by mother nature and park utilities to create a fun and versatile training program. Meet your personal trainer for a run around the stunning Lake Zurich and experience the most enjoyable, refreshing and challenging workout you’ve ever experienced.

Join our Zurich personal trainers for an individual and dynamic „al fresco“workout that will boost your motivation and re-energize you.


Fit Team Firmen Fitness

Team building

Health management

Productivity increase

Stress reduction

Employees who are healthy and fit at work are very important especially when they represent the company externally.

We would be happy to support you with an individual program to promote and improve the well-being and vitality of your employees. The fitness rate of your employees can be increased through company fitness. It also promotes team spirit and can relieve tension or other complaints. Contact us and we will design a health program according to your goals, desires and available time.

Personal Training Training Types

Core Training

Core Training

Stable core muscles

Better protection of organs

Prevents back pain

Improves posture

The core is a collection of muscles that stabilise and move the spine. They help us achieve good posture and protect our inner organs. Core training can encompass any exercises that challenge and work the deeper muscles of the inner core, which comprises the diaphragm, the pelvic floor, and the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Modern lifestyles and jobs that involve too much sitting mean that many of us now suffer from weak core muscles – often the root cause of lower back pain. A strong and stable core is the most effective way of preventing and treating such pain.

Tailored and highly effective exercises to stabilise and strengthen the core are vital in the FIT TEAM Zurich’s fitness program. Selective implementation of functional training tools and our dedicated one-on-one support ensure set you on the right path to achieving your fitness goals.

Training with our personal trainer in Zurich will systematically improve core strength and stability, enhancing the natural protection of organs, joints and back, and giving you a toned body!


Functional Training

Weight reduction

Injury prophylaxis for everyday life

Helps alleviate discomfort

Holistic physical fitness

We live in an age where work, family and social commitments can see us struggling to find time to exercise. What’s more, we’re spending increasing amounts of time sitting in an office or in front of a screen, which results in the shrinking and weakening of the muscles and, more often than not, back and neck pain.

The key aim of the functional workouts is to utilize exercises that improve the proficiency of natural movement patterns, correct muscle imbalances and weaknesses. Functional training develops the muscles in the body as a group, not individually, thus making it fit to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

Functional training has become an integral part of FIT TEAM Zurich’s training program and is designed to enhance all physical performance, such as endurance, strength, agility, mobility and coordination. For optimum training results, we recommend that you commit to 2-3 sessions a week.


HIT - High Intensity Training

Increase in the basal metabolic rate

Muscle building

After-burn effect

If you’re looking to work up some proper sweat and push your fitness to the next level, then our HIT - High-Intensity Training is the perfect fit!

High-intensity interval (HIT) training means that you not only burn calories during the actual workout. It elevates your metabolism for hours after exercise as our muscles require more oxygen. Thus, prompting the body to consume more oxygen during recovery to return to its normal resting state. More fuel means more calories. This After-Burn effect effect makes your HIT workout particularly effective!

During the actual HIT  training, you burn fewer calories than during regular steady-state cardio training. However, if you incorporate the recovery period into the calculation, the number of calories burnt exceed those burned during endurance training. Increasing your metabolic rate long-term will boost your body’s daily calorie-burning power.


Fitness Boxing

Stress reducer

Endurance training

Improved coordination

High-intensity training

Fitness boxing is an effective training method to reach your goals reasonably fast while training strength, boosting endurance, achieving flexibility and increasing speed.

Fitness boxing has adapted boxing movements into its workout routines. It is a full-body workout that burns calories, improves balance, helps posture and strengthens the upper body and core. You will, of course, be provided with professional boxing gloves. Your trainer also intercepts your boxing punches with padded paws to protect the joints.

Fitness boxing can be used to lose weight, reduce stress or get some stress off your shoulders, and it’s lots of fun.

Reha Fitness

Back Training: Posture and Pain Prevention

Pain relief

Optimizes motion sequences

Improves posture

Do you have back pain or neck tension? Due to our working habits, weakened, tense or even shortened muscles are not uncommon.

The first step in achieving stable back muscles is strengthening the postural muscles and creating a good foundation for further training. In this next step, movement sequences are optimized while the superficial, moving muscles are encouraged to perform energy-saving and optimized work. The last step includes training for optimal sensorimotor skills. This involves training barefoot, stabilizing the joints and improving balance.

Body Building



Promotes metabolism

Improves the cardiovascular system

Bodybuilding is a sport that, in addition to a pure increase in strength through special body training, reshapes and defines the muscles of your body. Bodybuilding focus on a significant increase in muscle mass, achieved by targeted muscle training using heavier weights as aids.

In addition to the actual training, the diet to reduce body fat plays an important role in bodybuilding. In order to comply with effective bodybuilding, a precisely coordinated training and nutrition plan is required. Do you want to shape your body or make your muscle training even more effective? Then the FIT TEAM Zurich is the right place for you!

Trainieren Mit Zuerich

Mobility Training

Improves mobility

Reduces cramps

Reduces tension

The mobility training helps athletes and non-athletes perform better since the movements can be carried out more vigorously, quickly, easily, and fluently.

Regular mobility training increases the mobility of your entire body and reduces muscular imbalances, cramping and tension. Muscle groups that are tense or shortened due to one-sided stress situations can be expanded, while strength training can strengthen weak muscles. Thus, leading to optimal posture and preventing wear and tear.

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