Functional Training

We live in an age where work, family and social commitments can see us struggling to find time to exercise. What’s more, we’re spending increasing amounts of time sitting in an office or in front of a screen, which results in the shrinking and weakening of the muscles and, more often than not, back and neck pain

The key aim of these functional workouts is to utilize exercises that improve proficiency in the body’s natural motion patterns and correct muscle imbalances and weaknesses. Functional training develops the muscles in the body as a group, not individually, thus making it fit to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

Designed to enhance all physical performance factors (endurance, strength, agility, mobility and coordination), functional training has long been an integral part of FIT TEAM Zurich’s training program.

All our personal trainers in Zurich undertake regular further training in functional training at our Personal Trainer Academy, so that you can always be assured of a cutting-edge program designed to boost your metabolism and take your exercise routine to the next level.

For optimum training results, we recommend that you commit to 2-3 sessions a week.