Personal Trainer Services

Book a free, no-obligation taster session and get to know the FIT TEAM Zurich. Discover for yourself how our professional and bespoke training programs are the key to achieving your personal fitness and training goals.

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Our personal trainers in Zurich are there to support, push and challenge you with individual workouts that are tailor-made for you and your goals.

What you get:

  • A bespoke fitness and training regime that will improve health and well-being
  • Our professional and experienced personal trainers ensure effective training and rapid results
  • Varied workouts that are always fun and challenging
  • The constant support and motivation of FIT TEAM Zurich will make sure you stay committed and reach your goals
  • Reliable trainers that are always there – when and where you want them

Our services:

  • Range of training locations to fit your needs
  • Effective weight loss and fat reduction
  • Training to strengthen core stability
  • Training in a wide range of disciplines to get you fitter faster
  • Cross training
  • Body shaping
  • Corporate fitness