Outdoor Fitness Training

Alleviate everyday stress and stay motivated with our ultra effective training program out in the open in natural surroundings.

Our personal trainers at FIT TEAM Zurich will kick-start you to a healthier lifestyle at a location of your choice. We think outside the box and harness the tools provided naturally by the great outdoors to create a fun and varied training program.

Meet your personal trainer for a run around the stunning Lake Zurich and we’ll replace gym machinery with trees, tree stumps, logs and benches! Come rain or sunshine, we will take you on the most enjoyable, invigorating and challenging workout you’ve ever experienced.

Join our Zurich personal trainers for an individual and dynamic „al fresco“workout that will boost your motivation and re-energize you. Leave the daily stress behind you – the unlimited riches of the great outdoors combined with the right fitness tools and the encouraging one-on-one support of a dedicated trainer are all you need to achieve a life changing transformation. Our hands on coaching will take your training to new heights and maximize results.