Fit Team

If training is hard and at the limit, for example in weight training, weight lifting or sprinting, not enough energy can be obtained via aerobic metabolism. The muscles need too much energy in a short time. Anaerobic metabolism then kicks in immediately. The body converts carbohydrates into energy through lactic acid fermentation, which produces lactate. This lactic acid is then the cause of muscle cramps, which occur until the body is optimally supplied with oxygen again.

If the heart rate increases permanently too much, this is a sign that the body has switched to anaerobic metabolism. For a short time, the muscles can sustain this, but long-term training success is achieved by creating a healthy mix between high frequencies and low frequencies.

So the goal of training should always be to get the body used to being more efficient in the long term and to move the lactate threshold up, the point at which the body switches from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism.

This is where your trainers from FIT TEAM Zurich come in. Together we can define your goals in an individually adapted training plan and bring about an increase in performance. During the training sessions, your trainer will make sure that you maintain the optimal heart rate in order to reach your goal – in other words, to push yourself and increase your performance on the one hand, but not to overtax your body on the other.

We are happy to support you in a comprehensive outdoor training program. Online or of course in one-to-one training with our sophisticated cardio and functional training program.

By the way: In anaerobic metabolism, the body does not access the fat depots, because the body needs oxygen for this. So if you have weight reduction as a goal, you would do well to train mostly in the aerobic range.