Ny Vorsaetze

Every year not only Christmas time comes, but also the time afterwards around New Year’s Eve and New Year, when we review the past year and set goals for the new one.

The advent season was used to feast: sweets, roasts, delicious sauces. We realize that we have only partially achieved the goals we set last year. The time for ourselves and sporty activities has once again come up too short.

Whereas it is usually our inner weaker self that keeps us from attaining our goals with self-made excuses such as “I just don’t have time”, “Just one more time and then I start next week” or “I really need this cigarette to reduce my stress level now“.

The year 2020 presented us with some real challenges.

In the home office, our route goes from the study to the kitchen and back. Our legs become heavy and the calorie requirement drops to a maximum of one kilocalorie per hour, which has been proven in studies. The walk to the supermarket is the greatest of feelings. In addition, there is the mental strain that weighs on us due to the limited number of human contacts.

Our routines, such as fitness studio twice a week, group cycling and hiking tours or skiing trip cannot be fulfilled with a clear conscience or are even prohibited. It is of course clear to everyone why these things are not possible, but they lead to the fact that we have implemented all the more difficult to reach personal goals.

When googling “goals and resolutions for the new year”, you find results which range from being happy, spend more time with family and friends, quit smoking, make time for yourself, exercise more, lose weight, all the way to “changing your life completely” or working less. Some goals are easy to accomplish, others require a lot of discipline or willpower. Often times you will persevere for a few weeks or months and then everyday life takes its toll. The daily routines lead us more or less quickly back into old habits. And we don’t really feel good about it. Often a guilty conscience plagues us and this leads to an uneasy feeling in the stomach.

The goal should therefore be how to really integrate your desires into everyday life without feeling restricted. This can be compared to the jo-jo effect of diets. For a few weeks you will go on without chocolate, fat, carbohydrates or anything you find tasty and then you fall back into old patterns. The result: dissatisfaction and a few kilos more on the scales. The same phenomenon applies to sports; working out five times a week after a hard day at work is almost impossible and puts a lot of pressure on you.

Integrating resolutions into your everyday life

But how do you make the goals you set really part of your daily life and ultimately create a positive attitude to life and motivation instead of stressing yourself unnecessarily?

One aspect for example is to set concrete and achievable goals. Take it upon yourself to exercise twice a week and if you manage to do it once, it is already a good result. Don’t punish yourself by not eating any sweets at all anymore, but exchange 50 percent of the indulgence products for a healthy alternative – that’s already 50 percent more than before. Set a specific goal: “This year, I’ll always use the stairs instead of the elevator.”

This can also apply to non-athletic goals. Instead of “this year I want less stress” try setting a goal of “one day a week or 3 hours a week I will set aside specific quality time for the family or for myself”. This is then consciously perceived and provides a sense of achievement. And this is also good for your soul and happiness level, because a sense of achievement leads to the release of endorphins, which are known to reduce stress and create a positive mood.

Need a motivational boost?

Are you worried about achieving your goals in the long run or are you too stuck in everyday routines? Do the pressure at work and the many daily meetings hardly leave any conscious moments for quality time?

FIT TEAM Zurich will be happy to support you and together with you ensure a better quality of life by giving you time for yourself during a personal training session. This time belongs entirely to you and also ensures that you can achieve your sports and health goals for 2021. Whether it’s losing weight, getting into better shape, becoming more flexible or preparing for a specific competition. Our FIT TEAM Zurich will be happy to support you.

Even in the current situation, this is possible without hesitation, as we also offer online training. During working hours, we offer company fitness so that sport can be ideally integrated into everyday life. If you prefer to do sports together with friends or family, we can also train in small groups. Contact us now!

Together we will achieve that “same procedure as every year” does not mean that every year the same, unrealized goals end up on your to-do list, but that you can achieve real successes and that sports, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are an integral part of your daily routine. We look forward to seeing you.