FIT TEAM Zürich Team

Since this summer there is a completely new personal training offer in Zurich. As the first location of the European wide known personal trainer network FIT TEAM, Austin Sunday started the unique business model in the Swiss metropole and wants to motivate fitness fans and such who would like to become one in order to reach their personal training targets.

The native Nigerian discovered his love of sports through boxing, street boxing and weightlifting already as a young man. As a weightlifter, the location owner of FIT TEAM Zurich participated in state-wide weightlifting competitions. His passion for this holistic sport and his passion for fitness motivated Austin to become a personal trainer to assist people with a combination of training, a healthy lifestyle and muscle growth and if needed weight loss to get a completely new body feeling. His target is to make his customers smile after a training session with him.

His professional engagements in different countries around the world enable Austin to interact with people with different needs and requirements. After his childhood and teens in Nigeria, Austin lived in Dubai for three years where he worked as a Security Officer and where he trained his team members as well. Dealing with a wide variety of people during this time further prepared Austin to ideally approach and understand the needs of his clients. For personal reasons, he moved to Zurich in November 2019. Being a personal trainer, a healthy lifestyle and exercise are part of his everyday life. His second passion is fashion – he designs lifestyle fashion for a wide variety of occasions.

All trainings with Austin are held in English.

What can customers expect from a Training with Austin?

My goal is that FIT TEAM Zurich clients will reach their personal targets supported by me and that they reach their own next sports level. The fun factor is as well important and our training should always be holistic. Quite often there is not enough time for sports in the busy everyday life, therefore I would like to convey my knowledge, my passion and I would like to be the contact person for the needs of our customers. Together we develop an individual training plan and it doesn’t matter if the customer already has training experience or if we start from zero and the client wants to integrate training into their future lives. If requested we will train at the client’s home, we can meet outside, at work during lunchtime or even in a fitness studio.

What is special in Zurich? What do you love here?

Zurich is a fast-moving, modern and very lively city. Besides the delicious food and the beautiful countryside, what I like about Zurich is that for people here everything seems to be possible. In Zurich, you have infinite potential. But additionally, I recognized that people here work a lot and everybody is running in the streets very busy – from meeting to meeting, often stressed and with serious facial expressions. Therefore, it’s even more important to bring a bit of lightness into people’s lives. They have less spare time, therefore my aim is to give one hour a day to clients which is their own quality or “me”-time. Time to charge their personal batteries and to take the weight off their shoulders. Sports and fitness is an ideal way to achieve this – doesn’t matter if indoors or outdoors.

What does an outdoor training look like? Where can customers train with you, indoors and outdoors?

In principal, the location is the choice of the client. We can train at the customer s’ home or in the office or the company for company fitness classes. Alternatively, we can meet outdoors, I will bring the needed equipment. If the customer prefers to train in a fitness studio this is as well possible in the studio where the client has an active membership or at any Basefit studio in Zurich, with whom FIT TEAM Zurich has a cooperation. The customer will receive a briefing on fitness equipment and optimal training methods in the field of bodybuilding and muscle building. For outdoor trainings, we also set our goals together. A focus can here be mobility and flexibility and/or getting the body in top shape through high-intensity interval training and getting the cardiovascular system going through cardio training.

Is a healthy lifestyle generally important for you?

A healthy lifestyle is complimenting the training. I am in general not a fan of supplements and absolutely an opponent of muscle building substances. A well-balanced mixture of lifestyle and training is the key and this is what we will develop and define in your training plan. To take supplements or protein products isolated without training does not help if it doesn’t match the training. The most important thing is to give your body the right nutrients and to make the nutrition fit the training. Protein shakes or vitamins can be added but in general healthy food with fish, meat and vegetables, enough water, sleep and breaks are more important for a successful healthy lifestyle. The client should benefit long term from training and coaching with FIT TEAM Zürich because if you build a good foundation today you will have less back pain in the future, good joints and being mobile and flexible even in your mature years.