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FIT TEAM Zurich stands for safe, effective, high-quality personal training!

We provide the expertise to help you reach your personal fitness and training goals. Our tailor-made fitness programs incorporate a comprehensive assessment and cater to all levels of health, strength, and fitness. Based on your availability, we will tailor appointment times to suit your schedule. Our trainers are available in and around Lake Zurich, Zurich Obersee, Zug and the Canton of Glarus. The personal training sessions are held in English.

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Fit Team professional trainer is your personal health advisor who creates workout plans and provides nutritional guidance based on your needs and goals. He motivates, guides and pushes you every step of the way. Our hands-on coaching ensures you stay motivated, train effectively and achieve your goals. Every training session is carefully planned to suit your fitness level and abilities, providing you with the right tools to help you maximise your results every single training.

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Core Training

Stable core muscles

Better protection of organs

Prevents back pain

Improves posture

Core Training


Weight reduction

Injury prophylaxis for everyday life

Helps alleviate discomfort

Holistic physical fitness

Functional Training


Increase in the basal metabolic rate

Muscle building

After-burn effect

HIT - High Intensity Training


Stress reducer

Endurance training

Improved coordination

High-intensity training

Fitness Boxing

Reha Fitness

Pain relief

Optimizes motion sequences

Improves posture

Back Training: Posture and Pain Prevention

Body Building


Promotes metabolism

Improves the cardiovascular system


Fit Team Zürich Personal Trainer

Austin Sunday Copy

Austin Sunday

Personal Trainer - Boxtrainer


Functional Trainer Personal Trainer

Bodybuilding Boxing Strength training Mobility training Functional Training

Austin’s passion for fitness started in 2010 with weightlifting and boxing. Inspired by others, Austin made it his mission to apply what he saw to his own body. It has been a life-long dream of his to become a personal trainer and train people. Help them lose weight, gain muscle weight, become fit and enjoy the result of their hard work, overcome pain and become flexible.

In his home country Nigeria, Austin participated in a state-wide weightlifting competition in 2013. In 2017 Austin moved to Dubai for his work as a Security Officer. There he entered a weightlifting competition in 2018 and trained fellow Security Officers. Weightlifting has remained his passion up until today. Austin moved to Switzerland in November 2019.

Personal Training Prices Invest in your health

The prices refer to session units of 60 minutes each.
The prices do not include the applicable VAT.
Travel time of up to 30 min. is free of charge. The travel fee may be arranged individually for a travel time of more than 30 min.

Personal Training
incl. training plans and fitness tests
Trial Training session100 CFH
10 sessions170 CFH / session
20 sessions160 CFH / session
40 sessions150 CFH / session
5 sessions
makes a great gift
210 CFH / session
Small-Group Training
2 to 5 persons
Trial Training session50 CFH*
40 sessions50 CFH*
20 sessions70 CFH*
10 sessions90 CFH*
*Price per person/session

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    Feedback from our clients

    The Fit Team concept is totally what we were looking for. It doesn’t matter when or where Fit Team’s personal trainers are there for us – even at 6.30 in the morning! Our trainer is fantastically encouraging and motivating and the workouts are exciting, challenging and varied. He’s always coming up with new exercises so that we never have time to get bored. He’s always well prepared and responds flexibly to any wishes we have. We love training with him and just can’t imagine life now without our regular workouts with him. Thank you Fit Team!

    Unbelievable what we’ve achieved in 3 months! We are super fit, our bodies are toned, the spare tyres have gone, and we are now stronger, more flexible, more stable and more agile. And above all, it’s great fun – I would never have believed that I would actually look forward to training!

    We love training! Whether it’s a combination of fitness boxing and weight training or core fitness combined with yoga exercises, I’m always looking forward to the next training session.