High Intensity Training

If you’re looking to work up a proper sweat and push your fitness to the next level, then cross training with our FIT TEAM personal trainers is the perfect solution!

High-intensity interval (HIT) training means you not only burn calories during the actual workout, but you also burn more fat and calories in the recovery period. This is because our muscles require more oxygen during the effort, which creates an oxygen shortage that our body is not capable of providing. This causes the body to ask for more oxygen during recovery so that the body needs additional fuel to return to its resting state. Requiring more fuel means additional calorie burn (afterburn effect) making your HIT workout particularly effective!

Taking actual training time into account, a HIT workout burns fewer calories than regular steady-state cardio training. However, if you incorporate the recovery period into that calculation, the calories burned far exceed those burned during endurance training.

FIT TEAM Zurich’s personal trainers are specialists in cross training and can create a workout tailored to your fitness requirements. Escape hectic schedules, clear your mind and push yourself to the max.

Increasing your basic metabolic rate long-term will boost your body’s daily calorie-burning power. Burn more fat and calories with a HIT workout – contact us today for a free, no-obligation taster session!